About Jeff Kitchen

“Training writers
who strive to achieve
the highest form of
their craft is my
singular purpose.”


Jeff Kitchen –
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Jeff has taught thousands of students from Broadway to Hollywood. Jeff was classically trained as a playwright in the works of Aristotle and the legendary Broadway script doctor, W.T. Price, who in the early 1900’s established the world’s foremost playwriting school. Price instructed twenty-eight students and twenty-four of them had hits on Broadway. So why wasn’t everyone studying him? Price’s complex techniques and thinking processes were not easily understood.

Determined to get to the bottom of Price’s technique, Jeff spent three years intensely studying his work. He had a major epiphany when he discovered a groundbreaking technique from Price, called Sequence, Proposition, Plot and that’s when it all clicked together. This tool was a giant leap forward in the craft of the dramatist, but somehow it went unnoticed by Price’s students. For Jeff, this technique was quite clear, but still incomplete. He combined this tool with insights gathered from Price’s students, then added to it himself, and it worked—saving this revolutionary tool from being lost. Jeff then integrated this tool and several others with Aristotle’s dilemma—and a new process of writing for the dramatist was born.

Jeff taught for thirty years in Hollywood and New York. He worked as a dramaturg in New York theater and taught playwriting on Broadway, presenting his innovative process to select groups of writers and executives, and did private script consultations. He was constantly refining his teaching and writing techniques, and then wrote the book bestselling, Writing a Great Movie: Key Tools for Successful Screenwriting.

Even as the process received significant praise, Jeff knew that it would take more than seminars and classes for these complex tools to be permanently integrated into his students’ writing habits. So for the past three years Jeff focused exclusively on adapting and modernizing the program into a comprehensive online writing apprenticeship. Scriptwriting Mastery is the result.

Jeff’s entire adult life has been committed to one thing, teaching the craft of the dramatist to anyone serious about writing. More than ever now, people are looking for ways to fulfill their dreams, and for writers, Jeff Kitchen’s Scriptwriting Mastery is the answer. It’s Jeff’s dream that anyone who wants to write, can write well.

Jeff is also an avid treasure hunter and was part of the crew that recovered the largest sunken treasure ever found. He lives in Santa Monica, CA with his wife and twin daughters.

“Eventually Price was able to formulate his law of plot, the proposition—which, we are quite willing to agree, is the one significant contribution to the science of playwriting since Aristotle’s Poetics… If we ourselves were asked to whom we were indebted for the basis of our ideas about playwriting, we should have to answer, ‘Aristotle and Price.’”

Bernard Grebanier, author of Playwriting

Jeff is available for consulting on scripts for $400/hour.

Jeff is available to help you develop your script, construct it, or write it with you or for you. $400/hour or Project Fee.

Jeff does an in-depth evaluation of your script. Then you and Jeff do a 1.5 hour Zoom Consultation and work through the holes in your story development and execution.
Cost - $2,500
Extended consultation - $275 p/hour

Jeff will work with you to identify any weaknesses your script might have and correct them, and to amplify its strengths prior to a rewrite. He can do a rewrite for you or with you. $400/hour or Project Fee.