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Take the Mystery Out of Great Writing
Make Your Dilemma Matter
Work From the General to the Specific
The Story is Only as Good as the Villain
Writing Tools That Sell Scripts
Power Storytelling
Turning Story Into Drama
What Fascinates you? - Write That
Well-Structured Crap is Still Crap
Deep Complex Characters
Understanding the Emotional Bridges in Your Story
Use Your Whole Body to Write
Create Like a Mad Scientist, Plot Like a Master Craftsman
How You're Wired and How You're Warped
Craft as a Dramatist, Attack as a Storyteller
The Unnecessary Kills Scripts
Listen, Observe, Think-Write, Write, Write
Would You Like Some Madness with that Method
Writing Tools Are Your Servants, Not Your Masters
Don't Settle for Safe Choices
Play "Crazy What If" with your Story
Dramatic Action is not Car Chases and Shootouts
You Can't Learn to Ride a Bike by Reading About It
Mastering Key Tools Takes Years Off Your Learning Curve
Vaporize Writers Block

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Dramatic Writing

The Power of Dilemma

eBook: Build Your Plot Backwards

Video Companion to eBook: Build Your Plot Backwards

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"Your seminar for Development Executives was by far the best seminar I have ever taken. I have found the tools you discussed to be very instrumental in my analysis of scripts on a day to day basis. Your class is the most comprehensive one offered as far as making people understand how to apply the tools and make them work...This was one class that I can honestly say has helped me to become a stronger executive."

Jen Grisanti - Story/Career Consultant at Jen Grisanti Consultancy Inc./Writing Instructor for NBC's Writers on the Verge/former 12-year studio executive

"Jeff Kitchen is a brilliant dramatist and writer. He's been teaching and guiding screenwriters for many years. His ability to analyze story and structure is profound. Jeff's writing techniques and teaching have been invaluable tools in my own creative work. His attention to character, process and form have informed all of my work and will continue to do so. I start every script with the simple question that Jeff asks daily, "What do you want to leave the audience with?" The question and Jeff's teaching form the foundation for compelling, honest work."

Ted Melfi - Writer/Director - Hidden Figures (nominated for Best Picture Oscar and Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar), St. Vincent, Going in Style

"Having taken virtually every screenwriting course in existence, I found Jeff Kitchen's workshop to be the most valuable in town. His techniques and tools guide one through the entire process of screenwriting: from basic concept to general script structure and further down to the scene level. Jeff is a master teacher who truly understands the art and technique of the screenplay.
His course is worth its weight in gold."

Chris Brancato - Writer - Sherlock Holmes 3, Narcos, Hannibal, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Species II, First Wave